Calvin Sprague

A little bit about myself…

I am an American multi-disciplinary designer specializing in illustration branding, currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

With a decade of experience, I have worked in diverse industries, including music, technology, sustainability, and lifestyle. I’ve developed a bold graphic signature that blends iconic styles such as Bauhaus, pop psychedelia, and colorful constructivism.

I have been fortunate to work with several prominent clients, including Apple, Disney, The New York Times, Target, IBM, Salesforce, Citrix, and Stanford University. My work has received numerous industry awards and recognition and has been featured in leading design publications such as Communication Arts, Abduzeedo, and The ADC Awards.

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Selected Clients:
The New York Times
Le Monde
Warby Parker
Stanford University

Calvin Sprague

What’s the guiding philosophy you have for your work or practice?

I believe in the power of congruency. Using specific angles, spacing, curves, and colors consistently throughout a piece helps to create a sense of balance. Whether it’s a particular angle or a curved line, repeating these qualities throughout a composition is essential. I strive to convey my message with as minimal line work as possible, which can be challenging and sometimes requires multiple adjustments.

What would you say are the defining characteristics of your work?

My work uses precise and balanced compositions crafted with simplified geometry and line work. I enjoy the idea of having multiple stories within an image. Even simple geometric shapes, like a circle, can be powerful in representing different subjects, such as the sun, an eye, or a camera lens. I strive to achieve elegance by balancing proper geometry, delicate lines, and smooth curves.